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ProCompare Panel Base
What is ProCompare?

What is Procompare?

Procompare has been developed as an educational tool for all tennis enthusiasts. Whether you coach, play or just enjoy watching this great game, Procompare will have something for you.

Our ‘Expert Panel’ has a proven track record for maximising the potential of the tennis players they have worked with. They provide quality content that may broaden your knowledge and take you to the next level.

The video clips allow you to study high-speed action at the pace you desire. Slow it down one frame at a time and see exactly what is happening during a professional’s stroke. It is our goal to continually update the library of clips so you can see the latest exciting players on the ATP and WTA Tours.

Every clip has also been broken down into a frame-by-frame photo sequence. These can be printed of and used to help you or your players understand the key fundamentals of world-class technique.

Because the tennis world is so large and diverse, we aim to bring the best aspects of the game to you. If you have a fantastic product that you wish to inform the tennis community about, visit our advertising section and take a look at our highly competitive rates.

Procompare, has been developed by tennis enthusiasts, keen to continually improve the site; any constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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