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Here are some exercises that we are including in this weeks circuit training. I would like you to become familiar with the names of each of the exercises.  Please click on each image below to view the video.

Medicine ball trunk twist throw
This is a great exercise for developing all over body power.

 Standing Row. This rowing exercise is an important exercise developing increased strength to the important shoulder stabilizing muscles/tendons.  
 Figure of 8 - The ability to change direction rapidly has been shown to be the most important physical attribute for elite tennis players.  
 Superman. A great exercise for developing strength in the upper back, lower back and Gluteals.
 The plank (as shown by Andy Murray) develops the muscle groups responsible for keeping balance whilst hitting the ball.  
 Lateral Hops.
 This exercise is designed to train those muscles responsible for deccelerating the body during movement.
 External shoulder rotation exercise develop muscles responsible for deccelerating the racket during the serve.  
 This side plank exercise develops important core muscles responsible for stability.
 Lateral Hurdle Sprint.
This exercise is designed to develop quick feet.

Important: These form/intensity of each exercise will not necessarily be the same as that shown in the video. They will often be modified to the appropriate level of the athlete i.e. light medicine balls, low hurdles and light resistance bands.

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