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John Shepherd

Week 1 (April 17th)

Theme: Consistency
Teaching Point: Wide Base, 2nd bounce deep, accelerate racket head

Week 2 (April 24th)

Theme: Stinger
Teaching Point: Shot selection (min of 1 step in & above waist height), create space between chest and elbow

Week 3 (May 1st)

Theme: High Volley
Teaching Point: Close in and hit down, keep arm straight to avoid swing

Week 4 (May 8th)

Theme: Smash
Teaching Point: First Step (hide dominant hip), reach up for the ball

Week 5 (May 15th)

Theme: Stinger / High Volley / Smash combination
Teaching Point: Fast movement in

Week 6 (May 22nd)

Theme: Point Play with yes ball bonus
Teaching Point: Recognising opportunites to move up

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Town/City: Canterbury
Country: United Kingdom
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