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In 2005, I began learning to play tennis near Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Gradually, I became interested in teaching others what I learned and, eventually, became a certified Tennis Teacher.

In 2006, I founded and began to facilitate “Tennis on the Ridge,” a weekly recreational tennis event at the Wilson Tennis Academy near Nashville, Tennessee, now in its fourth consecutive year. View images of the facility at this link: -----> In 2007, I served as the Captain for a winning USTA Tri-Level Adult Men Doubles Team in the USTA/Southern Section. -----> In 2009, I served as Assistant Coach to the White House Tennis Team of 12-14 year old boys and girls for the Tennessee Middle School Tennis League. -----> The Modern Tennis Methodology Academy of Tennis Coaches has certified me as a Tennis Teacher. -----> I teach the best biomechanical principles for learning to play your best tennis.


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After taking lessons from me you’ll love this sport more than ever, and your tennis game will never be the same! You can learn to play tennis quickly, easily and properly by following my instructions. -----> To schedule your tennis lesson, call certified MTM Tennis Teacher “Richard” at 615-851-6857.

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