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David Robbins

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My name is David Robbins and I have just recently become a coach in the past two years. I have given lessons to over 20 different people. I myself played tennis for 7 years now and have played at the college level. For t


Tennis Lesson Outline
The first lesson I will work on grasping a basic idea of what level you are at so as to know what to work on in the coming lessons as well as working on anything that you feel like you would like to work on.
The second lesson will be more geared towards the individual and I will help you grasp the concept of learning all of the tennis information yourself and knowing how to become your own coach because when the player is out on the court in a third set I more than likely wont be there to give them advice.
The third and rest of the lessons will be geared towards developing your game to its full potential not only as quickly as possible but to keep improving it over a long period of time.

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    • Calallen High School

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