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April 2009 Updates

I hope you enjoyed the Masters Series Tournament in Indian Wells last week, on one hand it was a shame that the finals were so affected by the high winds, however, there are always silver linnings if you look closely. For me it was great to see how Nadal handled the conditions and although in my opinion his game is more suited to these tough conditions, he seemed to accept them better than Murray. It was also good for me because I could use this event to show the children I coach the importance of learning how to deal with tough weather conditions!

This months article updates:

Want to learn more about coaching under 10 children? Or how to create realistic match practice?

Rob Antoun and Mike Barrell, two of our coaching experts have provided more great information for the site.

'Do you Get it? Red, Orange and Green!' By Mike Barrell, looks at how the game changes as the court, players and skills change!

'10 ways to create realistic match practice!'  By Rob Antoun, identifies ways to help recreate match pressure in a practice situation.

This months video updates:

John is continuing to update the site with video clips and has uploaded the following over the past two weeks:

Nicole Vaidisova,
Domick Hrbaty
Gaston Gaudio

Printable Photo Sequences:

The majority of video clips have printable frame-by-frame photo sequences attached. These can be found below the video clips.

Have a great month and enjoy the Miami Masters!

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