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Below are some great tennis sites that have been categorised for your convenience.

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Practical Tennis Products
    A good strong non slip grip powder is great for aiding sports such as tennis, golf and baseball
  • Straight Strings
    Power Key - "The Ultimate Tennis Accessory!"- Use the Power Key on any stringed racquet to safely and efficiently straighten your strings
    Products on Peak Performance, including books, videos, CDs, and online programs on topics, such as goal setting, visualization, and stress management
    Manufacture and supplies of tennis ball machines, stringing machines and strings
    Creative e-cards for every occasion (inc Tennis)
    At the net for your tennis email. Wear your email with style
    Competitive tennis opportunities for players of all ages and standards
  • oncourtoffcourt
    hundreds of creative training aids, books and videos, plus an extensive line of tennis court equipment and ball machines
Tennis Psychology
  • How to play tennis
    Mental tennis tips and tennis instruction videos for players of all levels
    Learn to think like a pro with Tom Veneziano. Four ways to learn, website, free email lessons, books and tapes.
    A complete mental-toughness program based on state-of-the-art technology
  • Flow in Sports
    Get a sports psychology coach who provides personal and practical mental skills exercises for athletes, officials, coaches and parents of aspiring athletes who seek to improve their sporting performance
Technical Tennis
    Online court reservation software
    OnCourt - Software for all tennis fans
    Tennis Network is the only exclusively tennis website hosting company offering you an easy-to-use self-managed website service
  • Tennis Navigator
    Tennis Statistics Software, all statistical information about ATP and WTA Tour
  • etennis
    Tennis-Expert Software (TES) - home for tennis punters and fans + FREE BETS
  • tennis lessons
    the world's largest collection of Tennis Lessons providers. All the listings on this site are posted by coaches, clubs, pros, and players. Click on each State \ Country and City to find what's available in your area.
Technical Information
  • Expert Tennis Tips
    This site provides free tennis tips and advice for all levels of player. 1983 Wimbledon finalist, Chris Lewis, offers online tennis coaching and instruction, tennis equipment advice, tips on treating tennis elbow, reviews of tennis books and magazines, and advice on finding the best tennis resorts and online tennis stores
  • British Tennis Coaches' Association
    The national association for tennis coaches in Britain, which is the professional body for coaches acting to protect and promote the profession's interests
    The most advanced scientific instruction on tennis stroke technique available
    OD is not about how to hit the ball: it's about how to win doubles matches!
    Improve your game with cutting edge coaching DVDs from David Sammel, the former ATP tour coach and professional tennis player
    Full of free tennis tips on tactics, technique, fitness and psychology. Sign up for the free tennis newsletter
    News and Commentary About the World of Professional Tennis: ATP Tour, WTA Tour, Grand Slams
    Tennis Shops: Teaching the game of tennis to beginners, intermediates and pros
    Dedicated to informing you about the professional womens game
  • Table Tennis
    Discover how to play like a champion and improve your game quickly with the expert advice and demonstrations
  • Tennis4All
    Tennis information, news, and tips. Includes message boards for discussing tennis and buying/selling tennis equipment
    Home of the best FREE tennis newsletter on the web!
    Tennis TIP is the how to play tennis guide for tennis lessons, partners and tips in the United States
    ATP rankings and results page
    Your online source for all things tennis
  • Geocities
    The Unofficial ATP Tennis Zone
    American college and junior tennis information
    The ONLY online directory where college-bound tennis players match up with the right college
Social Tennis
    Local leagues, Tennis dating, Your best tennis match is waiting, On court and off court fun
  • Tennis
    Looking for a tennis partner
Tennis Clubs
    The Best Tennis Holidays in Spain
    Over 25,000 agencies from 182 countries have voted the La Manga Resort in Southern Spain a European resort category winner of the prestigious World Travel Award
    These luxury apartments offer sweeping views of La Manga Club and beyond.
    A 1,400 acre sporting paradise
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