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Help & FAQs

Read our Frequently Asked Questions below to gain further insight into using our website and our video resources.

If you have a particular technical support issue, please contact us here.

Using Our Website
  • How do I watch a video?
    To watch our videos, all you need to do is simply join ProCompare Tennis and become a member. Joining is Free and takes seconds. Ensure you are logged in and all of our videos become viewable.
  • Do I need any special plug-ins?
    You will need the latest Flash© Player plug-in to view our viideos. To get it FREE, click here and you will be taken to the Adobe© downloads centre.
  • Can I download the videos?
    No, all of our content is protected for copyright reasons. All videos are only viewable on our website. You can however, link to them using our social bookmarks.
  • Can I buy your videos?
    We do offer DVDs of our tennis clips for purchase. If you are interested in buying a copy, please contact us.
  • How do I become a panel expert?
    If you feel you an offer us your expertise and come from a professional sports background, we want to hear from you. Please contact us and discuss your proposals.
  • Do you offer one to one coaching?
    All of our experts are ful time coaches in the U.K and offer one to one tuition. For more information, please contact us
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