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Dealing effectively with a wide ball

neutralizing with the mogul step
By: John Shepherd

Players are hitting the ball harder and harder and it appears that this trend is likely to continue for years to come. Players are going to have less time to react and execute shots. Young players therfore need to begin working on effective technique when under pressure in order to maintain some neutrality in the point. Davydenko was great at winning points from  defensive positions. The video shows his ability to maintain good court position and racket head speed despite being under pressure from a well placed wide ball.


What we see here is good use of an open stance  to   allow the outside hip (forehand video) around and through the ball. Together the lateral (sideways) energy that moves him accross the court and the vertical energy from the loaded stance  creates a movement pattern called a 'mogul step'. The video below looks at developing the mogul step with feeds that force the player out of their comfort zone.


The small excerpt of the amazingly detailed 'technical fundamentals' DVD shows gives us an insight into the transfer of energy when using the open stance forehand from a wide court position.


To learn about the biomechanics of the forehand in detail click   here

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