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Top 3 short instructional videos

footwork patterns, serving technique, & a young Nadal
By: Simon Grieve

This is the first of our weekly emails showing  3 of the best short videos that we have come accross in the last week, selected to help you with your coaching/game. The first video from online-tennis-instruction clearly explains the advantages of leading with the edge of the racket on the serve during arm extension.


The next video from dartfish tv focuses on footwork and shows you what young mini tennis players are capable of.

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The final video shows a young Nadal putting into practice the movement patterns shown in the above video.


The patterns and technique highlighted in these videos  are clearly shown on our downloadable photosequences, ideal for   coaching sessions.

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Over 500 action photosequences of 32 top ATP and WTA tour players including Federer, Nadal, Murray, Djokovic, Henin, Williams, Wozniacki, and Sharapova. Once downloaded onto your laptop or ipad you can easily show your players the finer technical details of the very best players. Save hours of verbal instruction by encorporating this clear visual teaching aid in your lessons for only £5.99 (more information).

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