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Tennis Technique

Step by step technique
By: Rob Antoun

Tennis Technique – Observation Points
Author: Dan Thorp, Pro Tennis Solutions Ltd.

This resource sets out the technical fundamentals for the forehand groundstroke, backhand groundstroke, serve, and volleys.

It is designed to give coaches clear guidance on the technical priority areas that need to be in place if their pupils are to maximise their abilities. It also gives ‘observation points’ for each of the strokes that can be used to compare the ‘finished product’ with their developing players. This gives coaches a straight-forward but effective analysis methodology to use with their young players.


What is good technique?

The following sets out what is meant by good technique. Coaches need to be clear on this if they are to make the right decisions for their players as they develop.

Good technique: Should be in place by around 12yrs old. Is necessary to fulfil potential. Is tactically effective now. For example, changing a technique to help a player be more consistent or more accurate is valid. Will not limit a player’s future tactical development. For example, if a 10yr old player has a big loop on their forehand swing; it may be effective in under 10 tennis, but the coach may still work on the technique, as it would most likely become a weakness in senior tennis.

Is repeatable - under physical and mental pressure.

Is adaptable to variations such as bad bounces and different paces of incoming shot

Will not fatigue when repeated over 3 - 4 - 5hrs

Will not cause injury.

How should technique be taught?

Tennis technique needs to be taught accurately, but it must not be over taught. A coach needs to put sound but simple basics in place such as a ready position, an early shoulder turn, a good contact point etc. However, the player must also be given the chance to develop naturally, by being put into challenging, tactically realistic and often competitive situations. At this point the coach needs to see how the player develops and then step in with relevant advice and teaching points when the need arises

The full 13 page article includes frame-by-frame photo sequences and step by step technical descriptions of shot mechanics. This is available for immediate download for only £4.99.

IMPORTANT! Upon completing payment follow the download link from the paypal secure site to download the manual. 

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