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Hard Court Point Outcome Study

WTA and ATP Tour Differences
By: Peter D. McCraw

Introduction & Background

The study investigated the connection between outcome type, percentage of point outcomes and gender.

The intended use of this study is to establish if tennis is played differently on the ATP and WTA Tour andassist in the tactical development of junior tennis players.

There are essentially two shot directions you can hit in tennis – Cross-Court (X) and Down-the-Line (DTL).These two choices result in four possible shot combinations.
Us Open

(1) The study was conducted at the US Open (Hard Court – Deco Turf) in 2008 on the ATP Tour and
US Open (Hard Court – Deco Turf) in 2007 on the WTA Tour.

(2) Six ATP Main Draw matches, (19 sets, 186 games and 688 points) and 11 WTA Main Draw
matches (26 sets, 228 games, 1,016 points) were selected at random. Table 1.1 outlines sample
size collected for each Tour.

(3) The last two shots of each point were recorded to identify the point outcome rule.

(4) Each point outcome rule was also classified by outcome type – Winner (W), Unforced Error (Ufe)
and Forced Error (Fe).

For more indepth information including graphs and outcomes of the study click here

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