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Developing a World Class Forehand

Analysis of the Swing Path
By: Peter D. McCraw

The swing path not only has a huge impact on the amount of speed and control of the ball, but also the tactical options that are available. In this article Peter McCraw tells us the ideal swing path he looks for in his players forehand.


Taken from his ground breaking 'Technical Fundamentals' DVD (running time over 5 hours).

In this video below we can see the outside/in swing paths of Tsonga and Nadal. Tsonga clearly shows the 'Gold Medal' Path that peter elicits to in his DVD.

In the next article we look at some quick and easy ways in which we can get our players to get the 'gold medal' swing path exihibited by both Tsonga and Nadal. To help get our players to understand the technical points that we are looking for, our new downloadable 500+ photo sequence package is now available at the crazy price of £5.99.

nadal swing path



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