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Jumps and Medicine Ball Exercises

Building strength for tennis
By: Steve Green

Medicine Ball/Jumping Tennis Exercises

On this page you will find a series of medicine ball and jump exercises. Select the exercise and enjoy the instructional video clip

Common teaching points for all of the exercises found in the dynamic and static stretching menus include:

1. Always maintain good posture

2. Work within the range of movement that you can manage

3. Increase the range of movement gradually

4. If you are at all unsure of your health, or if you have any injuries, it is recommended that you consult a doctor before embarking on a new fitness-training regime.

Warming Up: Always precede stretching with a good warm up. You should wear a tracksuit to aid raising your body temperature and you should try to get to the level where you start sweating. Depending on the temperature that you are working out in this will probably take at least 5 minutes.

Medicine Ball Exercises

Click on the links below to view Steve's exercises

Chest Pass

Wall Chest Throw

Open Stance Wall Throws

Open Stance Throws

Single Arm Wall Throws

Forehand and Backhand Wall Throws

Hopping volleys

Donkey Kicks

Reverse Donkey Kicks

Leg flicks


Lying Kicks

Overarm Throw ins

Overarm Wall Throws

Reverse Overarm Throws

Shot Put


Power Jumping Exercises

Alley Jumps

Backwards Alley Jumps

Bunny Hops

Single leg hops

Kung Fu Jumps

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