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Grand Slam Point Outcomes

ATP Tour
By: Peter D. McCraw

Introduction & Background

The study investigated the connection between outcome type, percentage of point outcomes and court surface.

The intended use of the study is to assist in the tactical development of junior tennis players.

There are essentially two shot directions you can hit in tennis – Cross-Court (X) and Down-the-Line (DTL). These two choices result in four possible shot combinations.
Australian Open


(1) The study was conducted at the 2008 Australian Open (Hard Court – Plexi Cushion), Roland Garros (Clay Court), Wimbledon (Grass Court) and US Open (Hard Court - Deco Turf) Championships.

(2) Men’s Singles Main Draw matches were charted over the duration of each tournament. Matches were selected at random. Table 1.1 illustrates the sample size collected at each event.

(3) The last two shots of each point were recorded to identify the point outcome rule.

(4) Each point outcome rule was classified by outcome type. The three categories were: Winner (W), Unforced Error (Ufe) and Forced Error (Fe).

This is an indepth study. The results will really allow you to develop your tactical knowledge when it comes to helping children become more astute tactically. Click here to find out the answers!

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