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ATP and WTA Tour Reasearch Summary

Key findings from the point ending outcome studies.
By: Peter D. McCraw

The key findings from the ATP & WTA Point Ending Outcome and Outcome Type studies conducted at the Grand Slam level on all surfaces is outlined below.

These findings are summarized by tour and surface and identify the tactical differences relevant to training boys and girls.

For more detailed findings read the other articles in Peter's area.
Henin Backhand

WTA & ATP Tour Overall Summary

(1) Grand Slam level tennis is a game of unforced errors.

(2) Regardless of surface speed and point outcome, unforced errors remained the highest outcome type for all surfaces except Rule 2 Grass Court and Rule 3 Hard Court (Grass Court ATP Tour).

(3) Point outcome is not surface dependent. There is no significant difference in point outcome type for Australian Open (Hard Court – PlexiCushion) and US Open (Hard Court – Deco Turf).

(4) Rule 3: Was by far the lowest point outcome of the four and the most surface dependent for outcome type. As surface speed increased, forced errors decreased and winners increased.

(5) Rule 4: The most frequent point outcome irrespective of surface. As speed of surface decreased, so does the number of winners with a corresponding increase in forced errors.

(6) Surface speed does not dictate the point outcome used at Grand Slam level on WTA & ATP Tour.

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