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Creating a High Intensity Training Environment
By: John Shepherd
Added: 02/09/13

In this article I share a drill that i have used recently that helps increase your players intensity during group coaching sessions.

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The Golden Rule of Tennis
By: Dr.Allen Fox
Added: 04/02/13

The “Golden Rule” of tennis is the one simple rule that, if followed, will keep you out of more trouble than anything else. It is: Never do anything on court that doesn’t help you win.

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Your Game, Your Emotions
By: Dr.Allen Fox
Added: 28/11/12

When you feel good, you are apt to play well; conversely, when you feel bad, you are likely to play poorly. Sport psychologists talk about the need to control emotion on court, but what they mean by this is not simply suppressing emotions (like anger or depression). They refer instead to an optimum strategy by which players not only rid themselves of negative emotions but also to create positive ones.

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Counterproductive Emotions
By: Dr.Allen Fox
Added: 28/11/12

Most of the obviously counterproductive emotional responses during tennis matches are driven by subconscious fears of failure and urges to escape the stress of competition.

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Nadal Training Session at the 2011 Masters Finals
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 20/02/12

Video of a Nadal training session during the 2011 master series finals in London.

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Coaching Mental Effort and Motivation
By: P.Dent K.Reynolds
Added: 07/11/11

These 2 DVD's help coaches develop their players on court effort and motivation.

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Best Ways to Motivate
By: P.Dent K.Reynolds
Added: 17/05/11

Motivation represents the why behind a player’s behaviour in tennis and is therefore closely linked to sources that drive the player towards tennis, as well as what personal needs they satisfy through tennis.

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Dealing with bad line calls
By: Rob Antoun
Added: 27/05/10

As a player, coping with a cheating opponent is about the most difficult thing that you have to deal with in tennis

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It's all about you
By: Nick Bollettieri
Added: 30/04/10

You need more than lessons to be a winner on the tennis court.

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Confidence is KING!
By: Roberto Forzoni
Added: 22/02/10

We reveal the main reasons why confidence will help you achieve your true potential

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15 steps to a Positive Mental Attitude
By: Roberto Forzoni
Added: 22/02/10

Here are 15 simple psychological strategies to boost your tennis performance:

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6 BIG mistakes players make between points
By: Roberto Forzoni
Added: 04/02/10

Whilst athletes from different sports tend to believe their sport is ‘psychologically’ the toughest sport, most elite performers understand and agree upon the need to be psychologically tough, whatever sport they play. On many occasions, the result can be influenced massively, by the mental toughness of each competitor

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'Tennis- best played one point at a time'
By: P.Dent K.Reynolds
Added: 25/11/09

Learning Outcome: Learning to play one point at a time

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Mantal Skills - Engagement
By: P.Dent K.Reynolds
Added: 29/10/09

Learning Outcome: To help players to be more actively involved in their own learning

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What is the Tennis Coaches Toolkit?
By: P.Dent K.Reynolds
Added: 21/10/09

Paul Dent through his journey to become the successful coach and coach educator, he now is, has increasingly specialised in the primary factor of the four performance categories, namely mental skills.

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Thinking Errors
By: Roberto Forzoni
Added: 03/06/09

The ability to think correctly under pressure will be the defining factor when two players of similar ability compete – at any level.

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Teach it, Train it, Test it!
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 01/04/09

The three phase of a mental training fitness programme

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Listen to the Voices-A Personal Journey to Mental Toughness
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 11/02/09

As coaches we try to make practice situations, as realistic to real match pressure situations as possible, however, this is extremely difficult and maybe even impossible.

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Men Coaching Women
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 04/02/09

One afternoon following the conclusion of the qualifying matches at James Madison University a friend and fellow coach stopped by to talk to me, shaking his head. "I gotta get a life", he said,. "Coaching women is driving me crazy.

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Winning Tennis Matches. What Does It take?
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 17/05/08

Do you see yourself as a winner. This article discusses the neuropsychological factors of winning.

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Nerve Busters
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 05/02/07

When was the last time you put yourself under real match pressure? When was the last time you got that tight feeling that is common with getting out of the comfort zone?

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