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Listen to the Voices-A Personal Journey to Mental Toughness
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 11/02/09

As coaches we try to make practice situations, as realistic to real match pressure situations as possible, however, this is extremely difficult and maybe even impossible.

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Improving Agility for Tennis
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 10/02/09

Studies have shown that of all the physical factors required for tennis, it is agility more than any other, which separates higher-ranked players from lower-ranked players.

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Men Coaching Women
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 04/02/09

One afternoon following the conclusion of the qualifying matches at James Madison University a friend and fellow coach stopped by to talk to me, shaking his head. "I gotta get a life", he said,. "Coaching women is driving me crazy.

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World Class Serving Tactics
By: Rob Antoun
Added: 01/01/09

Establishing a clearly defined game style by using specific tactics is a key goal for every tennis player.

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Winning Tennis Matches. What Does It take?
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 17/05/08

Do you see yourself as a winner. This article discusses the neuropsychological factors of winning.

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Pro-Shots Tennis CD
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 11/05/08

Over 300 video sequences of some of the worlds top players on a CD.

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Nailing the Basics Part III
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 16/04/08

Want to become a tougher competitor, someone who is much harder to beat? Then here are some practical ways to improve your game

Views: 3117
Strategy and tactics in tennis
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 16/02/08

One of the most difficult problems a coach faces is the development of an orderly approach to strategy and tactics.

Views: 5600
Nailing the Basics Part II
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 01/02/08

'Simplicity is Genius', Steve reminds us of the basics and provides some useful drills for point play.

Views: 2535
Nailing the basics Part I
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 16/08/07

Helping to develop an advanced understanding of the basics

Views: 2812
Mental Fitness
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 17/03/07

Advice for giving junior tennis players consistent and positive feedback after matches.

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Information For Tennis Parents
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 17/02/07

Children's desire to participate in an activity is usually prompted by people who have the most influence over youngsters.

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Nerve Busters
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 05/02/07

When was the last time you put yourself under real match pressure? When was the last time you got that tight feeling that is common with getting out of the comfort zone?

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Learning points from Indian Wells
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 07/04/06

You can watch all the tennis you want on TV, but from a learning perspective it does not come close to watching matches from courtside.

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Whats The Score Part 2
By: Peter D. McCraw
Added: 01/01/70

This article is the second in a two part series on the Score in tennis. In this article I will look at the dynamics of the game score within each set and reveal some simple tactics you can use when playing tiebreakers.

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Methods for Improving Tennis Training
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 01/01/70

This article will highlight a simple drill that is the ‘bread and butter’ of tennis training. The drill is done world-wide by thousands of people, but as bananarama sang, ‘it aint what you do, it’s the way that you do it!’ Imagine the way Coria hits forehands cross-court in practice; compare this to yourself or the players you coach, any difference?

Views: 3562
Online Tennis Training Diary
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 01/01/70

Players of all levels should be encouraged to keep a training diary and this website makes it both easy and fun

Judy Murray

Views: 6693
Myth - Wrap Around for More Spin
By: Warren Pretorius
Added: 01/01/70

Myth - Wrap Around for More Spin

Views: 6940
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