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Requesting a link with a coach
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 14/10/09

Requesting a link with your coach

Views: 1986
How to use the 'Premium Controls'.
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 14/10/09

Creating and editing your webpages

Views: 1939
How the player uses 'my coach'
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 08/10/09

The benefits of 'My Coach' from a players perspective.

Views: 2070
My Coach - How coaches and players link to each other
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 07/10/09

Linking a player or coach to your area

Views: 2020
My Coach - an introduction
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 07/10/09

An introduction into using 'my coach' to improve motivation and communication between player and coach

Views: 2049
Stay Off The Chocolate
By: Mike Barrell
Added: 02/08/09

A Chocolate Game is one that “the Kids love” but actually isn’t very good for them. Just as chocolate has no nutritional value so these games really serve no specific purpose and although they are ok to use little and often they actually don’t make the player improve or develop!

Views: 3727
Weight that counts on court
By: Sally Parsonage
Added: 23/07/09

Teenage players, especially boys, in full time training playing several hours a day often struggle to consume enough calories to meet the additional needs for growth.

Views: 3377
Using the hit up to your advantage. Part 2
By: Peter D. McCraw
Added: 08/07/09

This article is the second in a two part series on the hit-up in tennis. In this article I discuss what to look for when observing your opponents game and reveal some techniques you can use to get an early break over your opponent.

Views: 3991
Buliding and attacking
By: Rob Antoun
Added: 29/06/09

Many baseline tactics involve the serve or return being used as the first shot in a winning pattern of play. However, there are many times when these two shots are neutralised completely and a longer baseline rally continues. When this happens, it is vital that your players maintain a specific purpose to their play.

Views: 8926
Thinking Errors
By: Roberto Forzoni
Added: 03/06/09

The ability to think correctly under pressure will be the defining factor when two players of similar ability compete – at any level.

Views: 4928
Using the hit up to your advantage. Part 1
By: Peter D. McCraw
Added: 28/05/09

Do you win the hit-up but loose the match? If not, perhaps you know someone who does.

Views: 3645
Whats the score?
By: Peter D. McCraw
Added: 28/05/09

The first mistake players make when playing a match is they believe the majority of points have equal weighting.

Views: 4104
The tennis journey - a parents perspective
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 26/05/09

Often you will hear parents say ‘is it really worth it’, and in certain situations if the goals are unachievable then maybe re-evaluation has to take place. Nevertheless, if tennis is used as the vehicle to help develop character, then competitive tennis (plus sport in general) is one of life’s greatest treasures.

Views: 3411
5 Great Returning Tactics
By: Rob Antoun
Added: 15/05/09

Working on the return is incredibly important, however, it is one of the most under practised shots. Read this article for some great tactical advice on making the return more effective.

Views: 6654
Teach it, Train it, Test it!
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 01/04/09

The three phase of a mental training fitness programme

Views: 2549
Do you Get it? Red, Orange and Green Mini Tennis
By: Mike Barrell
Added: 01/04/09

How the Game changes as the court, players and skills change!

Views: 5134
10 Ways To Create Realistic Match Practice
By: Rob Antoun
Added: 30/03/09

One of the most important things you need to do as a coach is to make your match practice as realistic as possible

Views: 5663
World Class Serving Tactics - Part II
By: Rob Antoun
Added: 04/03/09

This article discusses various tactical choices players have when stepping up to the line to hit their serve.

Views: 4206
Essentials For Maximizing Incidental Learning With Kids Tennis
By: Mike Barrell
Added: 12/02/09

Why is it that we believe we are the ones who make things happen? Surely, we teach and therefore children learn. It’s scary to think that we are not in full control, and the truth is we’re not.

Views: 4383
Right Place, Right Time. Developing Reception Skills in Young Players
By: Mike Barrell
Added: 12/02/09

Teaching reception skills to young children can be challenging. Often, we take these skills for granted, but without them, kids will always struggle to rally and really play! The following things need to happen before a player can hit the ball.

Views: 6419
Listen to the Voices-A Personal Journey to Mental Toughness
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 11/02/09

As coaches we try to make practice situations, as realistic to real match pressure situations as possible, however, this is extremely difficult and maybe even impossible.

Views: 2544
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