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Articles - For Parents
How 'Not' to talk to your children
By: Peter D. McCraw
Added: 10/05/10

Developing a 'GROWTH' mindset

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The tennis journey - a parents perspective
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 26/05/09

Often you will hear parents say ‘is it really worth it’, and in certain situations if the goals are unachievable then maybe re-evaluation has to take place. Nevertheless, if tennis is used as the vehicle to help develop character, then competitive tennis (plus sport in general) is one of life’s greatest treasures.

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Mental Fitness
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 17/03/07

Advice for giving junior tennis players consistent and positive feedback after matches.

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Information For Tennis Parents
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 17/02/07

Children's desire to participate in an activity is usually prompted by people who have the most influence over youngsters.

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