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Maintaining Posture and Balance
By: Peter D. McCraw
Added: 26/11/12

Movement patterns that help players maintain good posture and balance whilst striking the ball.

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Tournament planning and goal setting
By: Rob Antoun
Added: 05/03/11

Maximising your player’s potential is a long-term process. To help you and your player through this process it helps to plan your tennis programme using training cycles.

Views: 4108
Communication Skills for Coaching
By: Rob Antoun
Added: 04/03/11

Good communication is the most important skill that a coach possesses – no matter what level of player they are working with.

Views: 6234
Creating the environment
By: Peter D. McCraw
Added: 31/10/10

Effective performance coaching, who is producing the goods and why?

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The Tennis Tool Kit methodology
By: P.Dent K.Reynolds
Added: 29/10/09

In an effort to illustrate our methodology let’s work through a very short story….

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Stay Off The Chocolate
By: Mike Barrell
Added: 02/08/09

A Chocolate Game is one that “the Kids love” but actually isn’t very good for them. Just as chocolate has no nutritional value so these games really serve no specific purpose and although they are ok to use little and often they actually don’t make the player improve or develop!

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Do you Get it? Red, Orange and Green Mini Tennis
By: Mike Barrell
Added: 01/04/09

How the Game changes as the court, players and skills change!

Views: 5310
10 Ways To Create Realistic Match Practice
By: Rob Antoun
Added: 30/03/09

One of the most important things you need to do as a coach is to make your match practice as realistic as possible

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Right Place, Right Time. Developing Reception Skills in Young Players
By: Mike Barrell
Added: 12/02/09

Teaching reception skills to young children can be challenging. Often, we take these skills for granted, but without them, kids will always struggle to rally and really play! The following things need to happen before a player can hit the ball.

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Essentials For Maximizing Incidental Learning With Kids Tennis
By: Mike Barrell
Added: 12/02/09

Why is it that we believe we are the ones who make things happen? Surely, we teach and therefore children learn. It’s scary to think that we are not in full control, and the truth is we’re not.

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Learning points from Indian Wells
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 07/04/06

You can watch all the tennis you want on TV, but from a learning perspective it does not come close to watching matches from courtside.

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