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Preparation Phase - Preparing the Body to Train
By: Steve Green
Added: 05/01/11

In each of my articles there will be an indepth introduction to the theory behind the training, lots of world class advice and links to fitness video clips that provide awesome clarity to the exercises

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The Overload Phase
By: Steve Green
Added: 04/01/11

The main purpose of this training phase is to build strength that can later be converted to power.

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Dynamic Flexibility
By: Steve Green
Added: 03/01/11

Using dynamic stretches before tennis training or match play will enhance performance and reduce the chance of injury.

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Static Stretching
By: Steve Green
Added: 02/01/11

In this article you will find a series of static flexibility exercises designed to not only to reduce the chance of injury during tennis training but also to enhance tennis performance on court. Select the exercise and enjoy the instructional video clip.

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Strength Preparation - Circuit training
By: Steve Green
Added: 02/01/11

Circuit training is a traditional training method to prepare athletes for high resistance strength training.

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Jumps and Medicine Ball Exercises
By: Steve Green
Added: 01/01/11

Medicine ball and jumping exercises designed to build strength that can later be converted to power.

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Diet and concentration
By: Sally Parsonage
Added: 11/02/10

We tend to think of concentration as a purely mental asset, but in reality it is as much related to what you have been eating - or not eating!

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Stretch your way to better tennis!
By: Nick Bollettieri
Added: 04/02/10

With a few unusual exceptions, top tennis players have quick feet on the court. Bjorn Borg said it best and proved it on the court, “There is no substitute for mobility.”

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Sugar - Players friend of foe?
By: Sally Parsonage
Added: 21/10/09

According to what you read, sugar can either be the elixir of life, or the “pure, white and deadly” substance that needs to be avoided at all costs! In reality, it is a little of both –what makes the real difference is where it comes from.

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Weight that counts on court
By: Sally Parsonage
Added: 23/07/09

Teenage players, especially boys, in full time training playing several hours a day often struggle to consume enough calories to meet the additional needs for growth.

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Improving Agility for Tennis
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 10/02/09

Studies have shown that of all the physical factors required for tennis, it is agility more than any other, which separates higher-ranked players from lower-ranked players.

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