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Sally Parsonage

Sally Parsonage - Nutrition

Sally Parsonage B.Sc, Ph.D, R.Nutr, CISSN

Head of Nutrition Division, IMG Academies Performance Institute
From her depth of experience in the field of nutrition for health, fitness and sports, Sally is able to offer an innovatory approach to guiding athletes towards practical nutrition solutions to enhance training and performance based on the best current knowledge and research.


Since completing her doctorate and post-doctoral research, Sally has advised many companies and organizations on all aspects of food, health and nutrition, and has been a regular contributor to press and media.

As an internationally respected academic, she has lectured on nutrition in universities in UK and USA, and is an active researcher into nutrient intakes of junior players, use of nutritional supplements by elite athletes, and optimal macronutrient profiles for different game styles and court surfaces. Sally is an active member of the Nutrition Society of Great Britain, the International Society for Sports Nutrition, and the American College of Sports Medicine

As a former world ranked player in her age group, National Tester for PTR, and from working with coaches and players at all levels from recreational to professional in a wide spectrum of sports, she brings unique experience and insights to the nutritional basis of peak sports performance.

Articles & Videos By Sally Parsonage
Diet and concentration
By: Sally Parsonage
Added: 11/02/10

We tend to think of concentration as a purely mental asset, but in reality it is as much related to what you have been eating - or not eating!

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Sugar - Players friend of foe?
By: Sally Parsonage
Added: 21/10/09

According to what you read, sugar can either be the elixir of life, or the “pure, white and deadly” substance that needs to be avoided at all costs! In reality, it is a little of both –what makes the real difference is where it comes from.

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Weight that counts on court
By: Sally Parsonage
Added: 23/07/09

Teenage players, especially boys, in full time training playing several hours a day often struggle to consume enough calories to meet the additional needs for growth.

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