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Roberto Forzoni
Tennis Psychologist

Roberto Forzoni - Tennis Psychologist

Roberto Forzoni is the LTA ’s National Performance Psychology manager, a role that sees him working with the best British tennis talent.
He has been involved in coaching and performance consulting in professional sport for more than 20 years. A recognised authority on the psychology of performance, group dynamics, and football and tennis psychology, Roberto is a regular international speaker on a variety of performance-related topics. He holds a lecturing position at Brunel University and works as a consultant with West Ham United and Bromley Tennis Academy. Visit:

Articles & Videos By Roberto Forzoni
Confidence is KING!
By: Roberto Forzoni
Added: 22/02/10

We reveal the main reasons why confidence will help you achieve your true potential

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15 steps to a Positive Mental Attitude
By: Roberto Forzoni
Added: 22/02/10

Here are 15 simple psychological strategies to boost your tennis performance:

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6 BIG mistakes players make between points
By: Roberto Forzoni
Added: 04/02/10

Whilst athletes from different sports tend to believe their sport is ‘psychologically’ the toughest sport, most elite performers understand and agree upon the need to be psychologically tough, whatever sport they play. On many occasions, the result can be influenced massively, by the mental toughness of each competitor

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Thinking Errors
By: Roberto Forzoni
Added: 03/06/09

The ability to think correctly under pressure will be the defining factor when two players of similar ability compete – at any level.

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