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Peter D. McCraw
Competitive Based Development

Peter D. McCraw - Competitive Based Development

Peter D. McCraw is an expert in world-class athlete development.  He founded the ‘CBD Model – Competitive Based Development for Tennis.  He is a coach educator, leading tennis researcher and world-renowned developmental coach.  Peter is Australian born and currently the National Director of Coaching for Tennis New Zealand.  He makes regular trips to the UK and is available for club consultancies, player assessments and coach mentoring.  His website is

Articles & Videos By Peter D. McCraw
Using the hit up to your advantage. Part 1
By: Peter D. McCraw
Added: 28/05/09

Do you win the hit-up but loose the match? If not, perhaps you know someone who does.

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Whats The Score Part 2
By: Peter D. McCraw
Added: 01/01/70

This article is the second in a two part series on the Score in tennis. In this article I will look at the dynamics of the game score within each set and reveal some simple tactics you can use when playing tiebreakers.

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