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Nick Bollettieri
Coaching Guru

Nick Bollettieri - Coaching Guru

Nick Bollettieri is one of the most influential people in the world of tennis and a legend who has transcended the sport. In 1978, he founded the IMG Bollettieri Tennis Academy (NBTA) in Florida.

Enter IMG Bollettieri Academy

IMG Academies are committed to providing an inspiring, dynamic and multi-cultured environment where our students have the potential to flourish, expand their horizons, learn life lessons, and attain their goals. We cultivate young athletes so they are confident and prepared for the challenges that their sport, and, more importantly, what life has in store.


Articles & Videos By Nick Bollettieri
The drop shot: The underrated weapon
By: Nick Bollettieri
Added: 10/02/11

No matter who is playing or whether it is the men or the ladies, the drop shot is being used as a big-time weapon.

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The Drop Shot: How to Hit It
By: Nick Bollettieri
Added: 09/02/11

A former student of mine, Jim Courier, used the same grip (semiwestern) for his forehand that he used for his famous drop shot and his swing pattern was also the same.

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It's all about you
By: Nick Bollettieri
Added: 30/04/10

You need more than lessons to be a winner on the tennis court.

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Tennis has the power to help!
By: Nick Bollettieri
Added: 30/04/10

Some big names in tennis are giving back

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Stretch your way to better tennis!
By: Nick Bollettieri
Added: 04/02/10

With a few unusual exceptions, top tennis players have quick feet on the court. Bjorn Borg said it best and proved it on the court, “There is no substitute for mobility.”

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Sizing up the opposition
By: Nick Bollettieri
Added: 23/01/10

Identifying ways to beat your opponent.

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Developing a great doubles partnership
By: Nick Bollettieri
Added: 20/01/10

Tips on how to increase your odds of creating a winning doubles team!

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