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Martyn Whait
Wheel Chair Tennis

Martyn Whait - Wheel Chair Tennis

Martyn is an LTA PCA coach based in Loughborough, England. Specialising in Wheelchair Tennis, Martyn is a member of the International Wheelchair Tennis Coaches Commission and has been GB Men’s National Wheelchair Tennis Coach since 2000, coaching teams at 8 World Championships and 3 Paralympic Games. He has presented on Wheelchair Tennis at the 2008 International Wheelchair Tennis Coaches Workshop, 2008 European Coaches Symposium and will be presenting at the 2009 Worldwide Coaches Conference.

Articles & Videos By Martyn Whait
Korie Homan Forhand Side View
Featuring: Homan, K, Whait, M
Added: 22/04/09

Korie Homan hitting a forehand viewed from the side.

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