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Creating a High Intensity Training Environment
By: John Shepherd
Added: 02/09/13

In this article I share a drill that i have used recently that helps increase your players intensity during group coaching sessions.

Views: 5221
Return Like Djokovic
By: John Shepherd
Added: 12/02/13

This article examines what needs to be done well in order to return a well placed 1st serve

Views: 6532
The Golden Rule of Tennis
By: Dr.Allen Fox
Added: 04/02/13

The “Golden Rule” of tennis is the one simple rule that, if followed, will keep you out of more trouble than anything else. It is: Never do anything on court that doesn’t help you win.

Views: 4624
Open Stance Single handed Backhand
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 26/01/13

The following text is a brief explanation into the discussion of the most appropriate method of dealing with the wide ball for a young single handed player.

Views: 7358
Forehand: Loading the outside leg
By: John Shepherd
Added: 16/01/13

How loading the legs helps deliver more power to the forehand

Views: 10270
Nadal: Service Improvements
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 05/01/13

Nadal Serve: A work in progress!

Views: 5905
Dealing effectively with a wide ball
By: John Shepherd
Added: 29/12/12

Teaching young players effective ways to stay in the rally off a fast wide ball is a priority in todays power game.

Views: 4827
Top 3 short instructional videos
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 18/12/12

Here we show the best videos that we have come across over the last week.

Views: 5090
Your Game, Your Emotions
By: Dr.Allen Fox
Added: 28/11/12

When you feel good, you are apt to play well; conversely, when you feel bad, you are likely to play poorly. Sport psychologists talk about the need to control emotion on court, but what they mean by this is not simply suppressing emotions (like anger or depression). They refer instead to an optimum strategy by which players not only rid themselves of negative emotions but also to create positive ones.

Views: 2691
Counterproductive Emotions
By: Dr.Allen Fox
Added: 28/11/12

Most of the obviously counterproductive emotional responses during tennis matches are driven by subconscious fears of failure and urges to escape the stress of competition.

Views: 2388
Maintaining Posture and Balance
By: Peter D. McCraw
Added: 26/11/12

Movement patterns that help players maintain good posture and balance whilst striking the ball.

Views: 5099
Heather Watson Slow Motion Video
By: High Speed Video
Added: 26/11/12

WTA champion Heather Watson shows her strength which is her reliable groundstrokes backed up with great footwork.

Views: 2835
Developing a World Class Forehand II
By: Peter D. McCraw
Added: 10/11/12

A great tip on how to get our players developing a world class forehand swing path.

Views: 5992
Developing a World Class Forehand
By: Peter D. McCraw
Added: 02/11/12

The swing path not only has a huge impact on the amount of speed and control of the ball, but also the tactical options that are available. In this article Peter McCraw tells us the ideal swing path he looks for in his players forehand.

Views: 8164
Learning from the Pro's - Agassi on beating the defensive player
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 26/03/12

In an interview agassi talks about how he managed to stay focused to win a topsy turvy match against a lowly ranked inform defensive player.

Views: 4036
Nadal Training Session at the 2011 Masters Finals
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 20/02/12

Video of a Nadal training session during the 2011 master series finals in London.

Views: 7387
Huge Forehands from the 2011 Master Series Finals
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 05/12/11

An analysis of three great forehands

Views: 9686
Coaching Mental Effort and Motivation
By: P.Dent K.Reynolds
Added: 07/11/11

These 2 DVD's help coaches develop their players on court effort and motivation.

Views: 4850
2011 French Open Champion - Na Li
By: High Speed Video
Added: 23/06/11

Slow motion video footage of Na Li the 2011 French open champion

Views: 3678
Best Ways to Motivate
By: P.Dent K.Reynolds
Added: 17/05/11

Motivation represents the why behind a player’s behaviour in tennis and is therefore closely linked to sources that drive the player towards tennis, as well as what personal needs they satisfy through tennis.

Views: 10197
Pronation - Essential for a great serve!
By: Simon Grieve
Added: 09/04/11

Two video clips focusing on 'pronation'. In the first clip Peter McCraw shows how to teach/learn the pronation action. The second video clip highlights in slow motion Andy Roddicks pronation of his fore arm during the service action.

Views: 12124
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